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3rd November 2017

World Wheel Co. Hong Kong have appointed SHA. the Newcastle based independent advertising agency as the company’s Agency of Record across all its properties worldwide.

The company is currently engaged in the production of two projects in the UK one on the North West and one in the North East of England. The Giant Observation Wheels, will also carry massive LED screens for advertising and messaging making the project unique globally.

At the time of going to press SHA had been appointed for an initial three-year period on a retainer, rate card and commission basis, which according to client sources is likely to generate between £1.8 and £2.3million of revenue per location, per annum to the agency.

SHA. will be handling brand planning and development, all ideation and production for WWC. The agency will also be acting as the guardian and gatekeeper for all content for external media to run on the wheel.

“This is a game changer for the agency. SHA have been producing intelligent ideas that get results for the clients over the past 10 years, but this win really takes the agency to a different level. To represent a brand-new concept in entertainment and media is awesome and a source of great pride for us”, says Phil Lynagh, Director at SHA.

Bob Boyle, CEO of World Wheel Company added “Phil and the team at SHA. stood apart. No other agency came close to grasping the concept in its entirety and with such passion. SHA. demonstrated an immediate understanding of the concept and immediately offered ideas for continuous development, that will offer tremendous benefits to sites that we intend to develop around the globe.”


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