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SHA. Graphic Design: Synergi

1st February 2022

SHA. Graphic Design, Brand Strategy, Advertising and Content for Web and Social: Synergi

SHA. has recently been appointed to develop a brand strategy, advertising, graphic design and create content for web and social for Synergi in Gateshead.  

Synergi is an award-winning, highly experienced cloud technology and digital solution specialist, working with clients from across the North East and beyond. Founded in 2013 by Peter Joynson and Justin Short, two individuals with a passion for innovation and technology, and a shared vision of creating a next generation “born in the cloud” technology partner, dedicated to providing the best in independent digital solutions.

Synergi help companies understand how they can harness the potential of cloud platforms to drive effective, transformative change across the key areas of customer and employee engagement, operational optimisation, process automation and product/service transformation.

SHA. will be taking Synergi through Brainwave, our bespoke creative planning process, to help us create meaningful, emotionally driven stimuli messaging and graphic design, resulting in stand-out and engagement in this competitive marketplace. 

Synergi advertising by SHA.
Synergi advertising by SHA.
Synergi advertising by SHA.
Synergi advertising by SHA.

SHA is a strategic advertising agency, creating brand strategy, advertising, graphic design for print and content for web and social. If you want to know more, get in touch with nigelh@sha-agency.com or visit our contacts page.

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