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6th June 2017

Check out the Top 10 on the 10th at SHA.

Like most people, we were fed up with recruiters taking 3-months to respond to applications, we also realised that too little time is given to graduate positions simply because the big money is made elsewhere. The students we spoke to, who wanted to get into the advertising and communications industry, were really struggling with the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why’. We realized these issues were probably resulting in a great loss of prospective talent to the industry, and that’s never a good thing.

Time for a change? We thought so.

So, this year we are proud to announce the introduction of the annual Top 10 on the 10th.  A brand new, refreshingly fast and stunningly simple way to secure a brilliant position at one of the most dynamic independent agencies in the region.

How does it work?

Every 10th October, at 10:00am, starting this year, we will be asking the Top 10 candidates to present their case for 10 minutes each. We are open for applications for entry positions in Client Servicing, Creative and Production. The agency will make their decision 10 minutes after the last presentation and offer up to 3 successful candidates, jobs that fit their skill-set and ambitions on the spot. Right then and there before you leave the agency.

You would start within 10 days of the offer and earn £1,000 for one month. Should you pass the one month probation period, we guarantee full-time jobs at the agency, with competitive remuneration dependent on position and review. If you don’t make the grade after the one month trial, don’t fret, you still walk away with a cool £1,000 and some priceless work experience for your resume, plus of course our thanks and respect for trying.

To be part of the Top 10 on the 10th simply send in your details to top10@sha-agency.com, along with a brief explanation, 200 words maximum, letting us know why you think you should make the Top 10.

Please note that we will be welcoming applications just 10 weeks before, so don’t start sending your applications until 8th August. Our Top 10 registration closes 10 days before presentation date, on the 30th September.

Check our website, or participating colleges or universities for details and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Want Better Results?