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The Problem

Pitta chips are a popular snack in the U.S, but had struggled to gain a foot-hold in the highly competitive UK snack market. However, the recent trend towards healthier snacking, gave All Good the idea of creating a premium pitta chip range. Aldi were keen on the idea and agreed to accept the new product for a 2-week trial with a view to repeat orders if the product sold sufficient units. SHA were approached with a brief to develop a brand identity for a new pitta chip product range and to create a series of packaging for each product flavor, with the aim of converting a potato hungry public. Relying solely on shelf appeal, the brand and packaging designs needed massive shelf amplification in a very crowded space.

  1. We researched the eating and buying habits of consumers and how snacks fit into their everyday life and weekly shopping basket.
  2. We held a number of focus groups to gather insight into influences when purchasing snacks – taste, price, packaging, brand, availability.
  3. Trend analysis was also key, we wanted to know how the growing trend for eating healthier had affected the sales of savory snacks. This would give us necessary insight into how to position the product within a retail environment.

The Intelligent Idea

We take snacking seriously. Create a brand story around the manufacturing truths – based on Good Street, each individual pitta bread is artisan baked using the freshest ingredients.

The Solution

The location became the brand. The reality was the narrative. Customers loved the rare truthfulness, but as honesty is at the heart of this brand, what better way to bring it to life?

The Results

Aldi don’t release their sales figures, not even to their suppliers. However, demand for 273 Good St Pitta Chips was so good, that orders have already been placed for two additional flavours.

The Happy Client

Because of their brand experience and understanding of the retail market, SHA created a range of packaging that over delivered the shelf shout that we needed. The packs literally jumped off the shelves and getting additional orders so quickly was a great result for us.


Want Better Results?