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The Problem

TSG is an extremely successful IT solutions provider and one of the UK’s leading IT services companies. TSG has great products, great services and lot of great people.

SHA was approached to develop a new corporate brochure for the sales team. Before we could do that, we knew that we had a bigger job to do. We needed to take a step back and define the brand, build its awareness and create the environment for a better commercial result.

First steps were all about internal brainstorming, looking for brand truths, genuine points of difference and beginning to articulate the TSG personality. To do this we used Brainwave®, a unique, proprietary tool to SHA. which allows us to discover the personality of the brand and the brand’s North Star, developing the true and relevant emotional message matrix prior to the media conversation.

The IT industry is characterized by dry, techie, jargon-laden communication that does little to make emotional connections with its customers and actively alienates many of them. We’ve started to develop a brand personality for TSG that sets it apart from its competitors, positioning the brand as a highly-skilled IT company that completely understands the real needs of business and the people that do business.

The Intelligent Idea

An IT company for real people.

Be human, be bold, be proud, be purple.

The Solution

We developed a tone of voice for the brand that is warm, human and intelligent without taking itself overly seriously.

From tattoo parlours to monkeys, the imagery we chose to represent and articulate the brand is creative and engaging and certainly unconventional.

However, this isn’t creativity for its own sake, every piece of communication is designed to achieve specific objectives from capturing attention to helping the sales teams to up-sell and cross-sell.

The Results

Our process has allowed for better targeted messaging and therefore improved ROI, while allowing SHA and TSG to build more relevant, robust campaigns that stand the test of time and are always relevant.

We’ve helped them create harder-working and more influential ideas across advertising, design, digital and video content across their network extending to all four corners of the UK.

The Happy Client

We’ve worked with SHA for more than 7 years and their commitment to evolving and continuously improving our marketing communications is based on a clear and deep understanding our brand. They challenge our thinking and make a valuable contribution to the development of strategy. Equally, their creativity in response to individual briefs is well considered and hits the mark. Furthermore, they’re a pleasure to work with and we certainly regard them as an extension of our team.

Want Better Results?