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The Problem

Newcastle University is a world-class civic university; their academic research is focused on addressing the current big societal issues.

This research has a positive impact on a global scale, in areas as diverse as the environment, health and engineering. However, the research is often quite dry, communicated as text heavy documents, filed away on their website and very rarely read.

The brief was to create a new method of communicating the research, using only existing assets and a very limited budget.

Success would be measured by video views.

The Intelligent Idea

Sell the impact,
show the sizzle.

The Solution

The research papers were written by academics, we needed to cut through the dry language and extrapolate the key points, and highlight the impact the research had in the real world.

We sourced engaging full colour still images from a variety of sources, including the academics themselves and image libraries.

Rather than just using the still images, we employed a parallax effect, which involved ‘clipping’ the foreground and background of each still image and moving them at a different speed, to evoke a sense of movement.

Copy was kept intentionally short

The Results

We created a total of 8 videos across a range of subjects. Academics at Newcastle University were fully engaged with the marketing department and were delighted with the results. They now use the videos as part of their lectures.

The University ran the videos on digital screen throughout their campuses in Newcastle, London and Malaysia. They have been such a success, that one of them was used on China News channels to promote a televised Newcastle University lecture series.

They were the highest rated videos on the University’s Research YouTube channels and have amassed almost 25,000 views.

The Happy Client

The SHA. team is highly responsive, and they have consistently produced creative work not only of the highest standard, but also which matches every brief in terms of style and tone across a wide range of media, from publications through animated footage to large-scale exhibition design, nationally and internationally.

In the years we have worked with them, SHA. has developed an in-depth understanding of Newcastle University’s aims and objectives, and they have made a significant contribution to the promotion of our reputation as a world-class civic university.

We have no hesitation in recommending SHA. as a creative partner.

Want Better Results?