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15th May 2017

In a world where being excellent and unique is seemingly the goal, we are now oddly focused on doing everything the same. People are driven to follow now even more rather than lead. Follow, like, share, rather than lead, create and present. It’s mind boggling.

Follow, like, share, rather than lead, create and present. It’s mind boggling.

It’s always uncomfortable when somebody dislikes your idea or can better it by offering a more simpler plan or proposal. However, this process of betterment through presentation and subsequent change is absolutely necessary and in my opinion, the most effective way to bring great ideas to life.

We need to lead more. Be less afraid.

I hear a lot of people whinge on that we can’t look at business problems the same way because technology has changed the way we do business. I would disagree. The commercial problems often remain identical to those of the past, but the solutions can be effected by technological breakthroughs, especially when it comes to communications and information management. The problem and the solution are two very different animals.

Some idiot referring to your idea in a derogatory manner means absolutely nothing. An idiot’s opinion is worthless. A person commenting on your idea and offering an opinion with weight and common-sense should mean everything. If you don’t put your idea into the commercial and intellectual fray, you may not get the benefits of these opinions and that would be a shame. These opinions and contributions could give ideas more traction. Assuming these ideas have been taken through a level of due diligence in the first place.

we are far happier being voyeurs of other peoples dreams

I have no doubt that it’s definitely worth attracting a few detractors if at the same time, from the more beautiful minds, you manage to get the intellectual rocket fuel you need to make the flight. Sure, if you stick your head above the trenches you may get shot at, but if you don’t, you’ll gather no intelligence and experience nothing but the true sense of inertia.

Very few of us these days chase dreams, we are far happier being voyeurs of other peoples. It easier, safer.

If this world-view continues, then the only jobs that the majority of the human race will be able to get in a decade will be the nannies, drivers and gardeners to those who do chase their dreams.


Phil Lynagh
Director SHA.

“The opinions in this article are that of the author alone and in no way, reflect the opinions or viewpoint of the agency. Unless of course we happen to agree with those opinions completely, in which case they might, but otherwise they don’t”


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