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The Problem

Croft Vets was a long established North East practice with 11 first opinion clinics and a brand new, state of the art 24/7 hospital. Specialising in small domestic animals, they offered the highest standards of care, expertise and facilities.

Internationally respected, they had more, better qualified veterinary professionals than any other practice in the region, with 24/7 access to specialist veterinary surgeons.

They offered longer appointments, convenient opening hours and a greater continuity of care.

However, nobody understood their unique offer – each of the first opinion clinics acted like a local, independent vet, rather than part of a group with their own hospital.

The public wrongly assumed that all vets are created equal. But they’re not and the levels of service, care and qualifications do vary dramatically. And as a result, there was a misconception that the Croft offer was expensive, even though it was of a much higher quality.

National veterinary groups had moved in to the area and were discounting heavily, which was unfortunately reflected in the level of care they offered.

We reviewed each of the first opinion clinics, the offer and the hospital, to fully understand the processes and service. We also reviewed local and national competition, to ensure the difference in experience was tangible. And it was.

The Intelligent Idea

Love your pets,

love your vets.

The Solution

The brand needed to be overhauled – it was outdated, parochial and didn’t tell the story of excellent service and care that Croft delivered.

Their execution was very ‘lab coat’, devoid of emotion and the end benefit of healthy, happy pets.

Their first opinion clinics, literally their shop window, were underused as a platform to tell their story.

Using a mix of TV, press and online, we used every touchpoint to bring the Croft story to life.

The Results

The campaign ran from May to June, by August, their best ever trading month, sales were 20% up, year on year.

The Happy Client

SHA are very good at what they do.

We used their skills to totally re-brand the business, which was a huge task.

They quickly understood the brief and provided us with a strong, creative identity and brand. They created a TV ad campaign, which was hugely successful at promoting our new brand and creating new demand for our services.

I found the team to be very approachable as well as understanding of a very demanding client and I would highly recommend them.

Want Better Results?