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The Problem

Established in Northumberland in 1878, Dickinsons is the longest-established, family run furniture, flooring and interiors retailer in the North of England.

They have the largest interior design studios in the North of England, offering a one-stop shop for furniture, lighting, beds, carpets, flooring, curtains, blinds and accessories.

However, they’d built their business on the back of an ageing, countryside-dwelling population and their stores were packed full of stock that was rarely updated and didn’t entice the younger city dwellers that visited their market-town locations.

Their communication was lack-lustre, inconsistent, didn’t reflect the history, the scale or the physical presence of the brand. They had no online presence and their stores were starting to look tired and old-fashioned.

The Intelligent Idea

Discover Dickinsons. The place for Modern British Heritage. The brand is an eclectic mix of unique products combining British heritage and craftsmanship with a flair for original design.

The Solution

Research showed us that in the competitive world of retail home furnishings, product and price aren’t sufficient to differentiate yourself from your competitors. A unique brand story is the singular most important tool to create long-term, sustainable, competitive advantage.

While most brands now clamour for some form of authenticity, Dickinsons had it by the bucket load. They have documented history and are quintessentially British, attributes that our research had identified as not only attractive to the UK consumer, but something they are likely to pay a premium for.

We developed a new brand identity, woven through every communication, from store frontage, to uniforms, to advertising, that reflected the brand’s modernity, gave a firm nod to their heritage, but allowed the brand to attract a new younger audience, while affording a seamless continuity when speaking with their existing customer base.

SHA. developed new store layouts to ensure the physical customer journey maximised sales potential and encouraged them to leverage their existing supplier groups to update showroom furniture more frequently.

The Results

The new branding and marketing strategy was introduced in late 2015, and the next year saw a 22% increase in turnover and a 72% jump in profits against the previous year.

You could say growth by design.

The Happy Client

We’ve been working with the team at SHA since 2015 and it’s not the traditional client-agency-relationship – they are a true business partner.

We’ve been very open from the beginning about our business and our plans for growth, which has in turn resulted in SHA fully understanding every aspect of what we do.

This led to a new positioning and a complete re-brand, which has helped us achieve some spectacular results.

We’re now in the process of extending our business even further and the team at SHA will be integral to our plans from the very beginning.

Want Better Results?